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Stay tuned for our upcoming - action and arcade games.

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cyber clash : the robo war (Android and ios mobile game)
cyber clash 2d mobile shooting game (android and ios)

Cyber Clash


Cyber Clash is an upcoming 2D action game based on future robot wars which is filled with interesting puzzles and adventures. Experience the thrill of fighting in intense robot battles as you take on enemies and robot bosses. Increase your inventory and upgrade your weapons and abilities. Get ready for a fast-paced future of robot combat with Cyber Clash!

Stay tuned for cyber clash android and ios game release.

cyber clash : the robo war 2d shooting game (android and ios mobile game)
cyber clash game screenshot

Releasing on July 2024

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angry anna 2d arcade mobile game (android and ios game)

Angry Anna


Angry Anna is an upcoming arcade-style mobile game that takes you back in time with its retro-style pixel graphics. Follow the story of Anna, a south-indian dude determined to save his girlfriend from a forced wedding. Run, jump, and fight your way through each level to save your girlfriend. With challenging levels and colorful graphics, Angry Anna is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

Stay tuned for angry anna's android and ios game release.

Coming   Q3   2024

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About Kosle Games

A team of indie game developers who want their games to be played globally.

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